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Efficient and convenient RFID UHF tags, widely used in logistics tracking, inventory management, and more. Outstanding read/write performance enables rapid and accurate data collection. Smart solutions for various industries.
  1. Frequency: Ultra-high frequency, typically between 860 megahertz and 960 megahertz.
  2. Size: Flexible size, customizable based on requirements.
  3. Material: Typically made of flexible materials such as PET or PVC.
  4. Reading Distance: Long reading distance, reaching several meters.
  5. Waterproof Rating: Selectable moderate to high waterproofing for different environments.
  6. Operating Temperature: Typically between -20 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.
  7. Data Storage: Large storage capacity, customizable based on requirements.
  8. Application Areas: Logistics tracking, inventory management, smart manufacturing, etc.