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RFID Softwood Card

RFID Flexible Cork Card is crafted from soft and foldable cork material, distinguishing it from traditional rigid wooden cards. The card excels in environmental performance and is adaptable to diverse use cases. Its unique flexible design allows for foldi
  1. Material: Eco-friendly cork material.
  2. Size: Standard card size, 85.6 millimeters × 54 millimeters.
  3. Thickness: Typically 0.76 millimeters.
  4. Color: Natural cork color, customizable to other colors.
  5. RFID Chip: Integrated RFID chip operating at 13.56 megahertz, compliant with ISO 14443 standard.
  6. Storage Capacity: Typically 1 kilobyte, capable of storing personal information and access control data.
  7. Environmental Features: Utilizes renewable cork material, meeting environmental standards.
  8. Application Scenarios: Ideal for access control systems, employee attendance tracking, event tickets, etc.