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Anti-counterfeit labels for alcohol

Chip: RFID UHF chip
Size: 75X32mm,25mm (customizable size)
Materials: coated paper, fragile paper
Packing: rolls.
RFID(radio frequency technology) is a reliable security traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology in the world.
Labeled with a with a chip on the wine packaging labels, products in and out of warehouse and transportation can automatically collect and read the relevant information, the flow of products can be recorded on a chip, when consumer is buying through with the function of NFC mobile phones or special equipment, can immediately scan the product brand, producing area, suppliers, production date and other information. Convenient, fast, efficient, and since the chip in each label is unique and cannot be copied, it cannot be faked after delivery.
This technology allows suppliers to fully track the whole process of products from production to consumption, and better maintain their own brand, which is conducive to combating fake products and imitation products. In addition, Once the product purchased is found to have problems, they can quickly find out the problems and easily protect their rights.